New to homeschooling

Are you New to homeschooling? Feeling a little anxious?  Would you like some direction?
Pray. Now that the most important thing is done, take a cleansing breath and try and relax. Read a book about homeschooling. Pray. Join a local homeschooling group (or two). Pray.
Enjoy learning with your kids. Keep praying.
Don’t forget First Friday Mass at Our Lady of Good Hope Church!



******* Book Suggestions **********



Catholic Education: Homeward Bound by Kimberly Hahn & Mary Hasson

A Catholic Homeschool Treasury by Rachel Mackson & Maureen Wittmann

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum by Laura Berquist

Suggestion: Read these books BEFORE you buy them.  Not everyone is looking for the same information.  Try the Allen County Public Library online and reserve a copy to pick up at your nearest library.



**** Area Homeschool Groups & Resources ****

Roman Catholic Home Educators of Indiana – RCHEI sponsors a convention in Indianapolis and has an informational website.

Fort Wayne Area Homeschool puts out a terrific schedule of events for opportunities for your kids.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association has great information about each state. If you want to join, there’s a discount through FWAHS.

Indiana Association of Home Educators is the state organization.

Local Radio Station : Redeemer Radio 1450 AM

Catholic Bookstore : All Saints Religious Goods 3506 S. Calhoun St.
456-9173 Give your order to Patrick or Ginny. They may be able to save you money on shipping to certain suppliers.



************** Catholic Curriculum Providers *************
These are just a few to whet your appetite.
Many homeschoolers choose from many catalogs and stores for what suits their families best. These contain catalogs &/or all-encompassing lesson plans. Here’s a good place to start…

Anglicum Academy

CHC – Catholic Heritage Curricula has free lesson plans online as well as an excellent catalog of materials written primarily by homeschool moms of multiple children.

Kolbe Academy

Mother of Divine Grace associated with Laura Berquist’s book (above).

Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy

Seton Home Study Program



******* Catholic Homeschool Helps ***********
Start here, there are tons more online if you follow the links

Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers gives a summary of much available books & curriculum

Catholic Scholars Online

Within her site is a Test for New Homeschoolers to help determine your style to help you narrow down a curriculum.  As well as LOTS of links and information about Catholic Homeschooling!

You’re in our prayers!

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