Congratulations 2014 Graduates



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Save the Date – Curriculum Share

Curriculum Share 2013


Nikki Fingerle Curriculum Share 2013Nikki Fingerle is our guest speaker this year. 
She is a Professional Organizer and works at Organized Living Solutions here in Fort Wayne.





For More information go to our Curriculum Share page

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We want to introduce ourselves. We are a group of Roman Catholic homeschooling parents trying to serve God, our families, and other homeschoolers in Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas.

Our primary activity is 9am Mass at Our Lady of Good Hope Parish 7215 Saint Joe Rd., Fort Wayne, IN on the First Friday of each month in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We usually have an activity after mass at no cost.

Please contact Grace for information about joining our group.
You can e-mail her by clicking on her name, or call (260) 747-6077.

Membership includes :

*A yearly newsletter of events & activities
*Access to the members-only message board (although many of our members can be found on Facebook)
* Newsletter articles written by members for members
* Articles from guest speakers to our members
* A photo directory of members
* Field Trips
* Mom’s Nights Out
* Potlucks
* Book It! Nights when children can recite a poem, or read a book report.
* Annual Curriculum Share
* Field Day as a family event
* Jr. High and High School Youth Group hosted by the Franciscan Brothers Minor
* Multiple spiritual, service, social, field trip & other activity opportunities

Annual Curriculum Share – Our Annual Curriculum Share occurs early in the year and you’re invited!  We get together with some of our favorite books and share what has and hasn’t worked in our homeschools that year.  Moms and Dads are both invited!  It’s a good way to see something of our group and get a peek at homeschooling, if you’re looking for one.  Many of us find it rejuvenating and are encouraged by each other.

Homeschool Info – General information on getting your Catholic homeschool started.

Community Information – These are things in our local community that may be of interest to a homeschool family.  There is contact information as well as general information about places & events you may be interested in.

Diocese Statues – Our previous bishop, Bishop John M. D’Arcy, promulgated statues and a pastoral letter to be effective as particular law for the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend on Sept. 15, 2006.  In the Guidelines, Bishop D’Arcy refers to the United States Council of Catholic Bishop’s Approved Book list.  This is the link to it : USCCB Approved List

Canon Law – This is a PDF file of the Thesis of Father Mark Gurtner, Pastor of Our Lady of Good Hope Parish.  His subject matter was Homeschooling and Canon Law.  It’s 65 pages (so a little cumbersome to print out), but a good read for those that want to know what the Catholic Church’s position is on homeschooling.

Indiana Laws – Is homeschooling legal?

Jr. High and High School Youth Group – A wonderful group hosted by our infamous and local Franciscan Brothers Minor with Eucharistic Adoration at the center of each meeting.  This is not a dull or slow moving group — you’ve got to see it to experience the vibrancy and joy the brothers bring to our jr. high and high school aged children.
-NICHE is also a local chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society for your high schooler if you desire.

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